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The Thinker

Question:  Are Aspies born philosophers?            Short answer – yes, it’s been speculated that a lot of philosophers have AS-like qualities (as you’ve said in your post).       That’s not to say that someone without AS can’t be a philosopher, just that most philosophers seem to have some form of autism.  

This comes from an on-line discussion.

Key pages

FAQ and Did you know might be good places to start if you are new to autism.

Otherwise, here are a couple of pages that might give you some idea where things are heading with autism.

Autistic people are finding their own voice.            This page is dedicated to publications from the viewpoint of people who do not fit in with today’s prevailing norms, notably Asperger’s Syndrome – and those close to them.
See also:  Personal reflections.               What is it like is more about being a parent.

Oxford associate professor has a new interpretaion of autism.          He says, ‘The condition that describes this lack of empathy is called alexithymia, and affects roughly 8% of the general population.’             See under the heading Alexithymia.

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